Loan Charge APPG welcome positive first meeting with Sir Amyas Morse

Officers from the Loan Charge APPG today met with Sir Amyas Morse, who is leading the review into the controversial Loan Charge, announced by the Government.

Sir Ed Davey MP and Ruth Cadbury attended the meeting which is one of a series of meetings that Sir Amyas is holding as part of the review. The review is set to announce its recommendations in mid-November, a timetable laid down by the Treasury.

The APPG Officers discussed the huge amount of evidence submitted to the APPG and communicated the serious concerns about the policy, the way it was introduced, the way it has been misrepresented, the way it undermines the rule of law and above all, the devastating impact it is having on tens of thousands of people and their families. We shared with Sir Amyas a range of written evidence and materials we have compiled.

Sir Ed Davey MP, Chair of the Loan Charge APPG (Liberal Democrat) said:

“We were very pleased to meet with Sir Amyas Morse, on behalf of our 169 Parliamentarians and to express our serious concerns about the whole loan charge scandal. This is a review we have fought for and so we are keen to assist Sir Amyas and his team.

“We welcome his clear commitment that his review will be independent. We welcome Sir Amyas’ commitment to meet with the APPG again, when we can ensure a larger number of Parliamentarians can give evidence on behalf of their constituents. I was impressed by his willingness to engage and listen.

“Nonetheless, we continue to have concerns about the timescale the Treasury have insisted upon for the review, and strongly believe Sir Amyas should be allowed more time, with the review being accompanied by a suspension of the Loan Charge and APNs.”

Ruth Cadbury MP, Vice-Chair of the Loan Charge APPG (Labour) said:

“We are encouraged with the way Sir Amyas clearly listened and committed to read our Loan Charge Inquiry report and other evidence we will submit. To be a genuine review, it must be evidence based and we encourage all those affected to submit evidence to the review.

“We will continue to make the case that the Loan Charge is a dangerous affront to natural justice and speak up on behalf of thousands of constituents who have approached APPG members.”